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Graduate Studies

Masters in African and Diaspora Studies

The M. A. Programme is a response to the global, regional and local needs for specialists in African and African Diaspora studies. The programme is therefore designed to promote local and international awareness of African realities in an interdisciplinary matrix including the humanities, social sciences and some cognate professional fields. It is thus a platform for advancing the training of Africa and African Diaspora specialists committed to both academic excellence and social responsibility in the Black pluriversalist world and the broader global community. In Keeping with cutting edge directions in interdisciplinary studies, students are able to concentrate on potential streams of focus including Decolonization, Race and Identity; Philosophy and Religion; Business; Science, Technology and Medicine; Language and Literature; Film, Theatre and Music; Politics and Political Economy and Culture and Anthropology.

The programme therefore prepares students for future career in academic research on African studies and other professional and consultancy ends.

Master of Philosophy in African and Diaspora Studies and Ph.D in African and Diaspora Studies

The M.Phil/Ph.D programme in African and Diaspora Studies is designed to advance knowledge and skills in a wide range of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary fields and prepare students for consulting and applied research positions in government and foreign service, industry and higher institutions of learning. The provision of this programme reflects the institute’s commitment to the following beliefs:

  1. The programme can contribute to production of high quality manpower that can engage in cutting-edge research and knowledge production nationally and internationally.
  2. A growth in research output can stimulate national development. Thus, the institute aims at promoting the knowledge of future researchers and consultants.
  • Intellectual capital can be exported and explored. In proposing this programme, the institute believes that a sound foundation in interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research can enhance the competiveness of its graduates nationally and internationally, thus contributing to the growth of the Nigerian economy.


The aim of the M.Phil and Ph.D in African and Diaspora Studies Programmes is to provide veritable opportunities and platform for graduate students to undertake advanced and intensive study and research on Africa, its history, science, philosophy, languages, culture, politics, sociology and experiences on an interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary basis. The programme is specifically designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Train and develop prospective specialists to provide academic excellence, prudent consultancy and social responsibility in the Black pluriversalist world and the broader global community;
  • Train, develop, and mentor students that will demonstrate a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge with critical understanding of the historical, political, social, economic, linguistics, cultural, religious and philosophical features of African societies and the African Diaspora across the ages.
  • Train and prepare students for excellent, independent/joint research in African Studies such that meet international standards.