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The Institute of African and Diaspora Studies (IADS) provides funding for her post graduate (doctoral students only) students. The eligible students must meet certain benchmark in order to qualify for the scholarship


  1. This is a FULL-TIME programme.
  2. Participation in all Institute’s activities including workshops, conferences, symposium, advocacy meetings and others.
  3. Candidates should be ready to serve as research assistants in African Cluster Centre (ACC)/IADS research projects anytime they are invited.
  4. Candidates are expected to always be available at the Institute except when they are on the field or have other reasons to stay away.
  5. All candidates must belong to one of the seven IADS research clusters (See Front Page of the Institute’s website for details).
  6. All candidates are mandated to work with their two supervisors, and they are expected to undertake some teaching-related duties, when necessary.
  7. Occasional participation at Tea Meetings on Thursdays.
  8. Candidates are to make use of the Institute Library as workspace.
  9. Candidates are to submit progress report at the end of every academic year. If this condition is not met, candidate may be required to refund the monthly stipends allocated to him/her for the year and the scholarship will be terminated immediately.
  10. Scholarship duration is 3 years. Candidates that could not finish their programme at the end of the third year will no longer be able to access the scholarship scheme. However, students may wish to continue the programme at their own expense.
Benefits for Candidates

The Scholarship covers the following expenses:

  1. Tuition Fee
  2. Obligatory Fee
  3. Accommodation
  4. SPGS Brochure
  5. Research Funds
  6. Monthly Stipend