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Black Lives Matter


The Killing of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020 by a white police officer who was actively egged on by his three white colleagues has once again opened the sordid racial sore in the American society to global view. Civilized American and global societies have expressed their consternation in riots, revolts and social movements to call for justice for George Floyd and the overhauling of the structures that permit racism to thrive in America and other parts of the World. It is unfortunate that, once again, the United States, which prides itself as the haven of justice, equality and freedom, is today the focus of global attention on human rights abuse. When the institutions of law and order that are created to secure the welfare and protection of citizens choose citizens they would protect in terms of skin colour, then riots, revolts and other uncivil behaviour inimical to social progress become inevitable.

Through these revolts and riots, Americans and other well meaning people throughout the world are saying that they are tired of the relegation, subordination and suppression of Black people. They are saying that they have lost confidence in the traditional interest bargaining structures of the United States: the court, the police and the political parties that have failed to change the racial situation of America over the years.

The institute of African and Diaspora Studies, University of Lagos condemns racism and injustice wherever they manifest in the world. In the United States specifically, there must be end to police brutality against blacks and other ethnic minorities. We believe that the riots and revolts across the world occasioned by the killing of Gorge Floyd has drawn sufficient attention to how the world feels about the attitudes and actions of individuals who have elected to be inured to the racial practices of antebellum America..

The safety of humanity rests on reciprocal respect for, and protection of, group interests. In the United States, more needs to be done to ensure that black people are seen to be included in the policies and practices that make America a land of freedom and justice. The black community needs to feel that they are part of America and hold equal stakes in that society.


Prof. Muyiwa Falaiye, Ph.D, MNAL