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Dr. Abisoye Eleshin

(Research Fellow)

Abisoye Eleshin is a Research Fellow at IADS. He studied Linguistics/Yorùbá at the University of Lagos and graduated with First Class (Hons.) in 2008. Abisoye has a Ph.D. in Yorùbá Language from the same institution. His area of research includes African Language, linguistics and culture, with special interest in aspects Yoruba language. For his Ph.D., his research is on the Aspect of Nominalisation in Yorùbá Language where he claimed that there is a unified headedeness analysis in the three kinds of word formation in Yorùbá, namely prefixation, reduplication and compounding. He has also done some researches in translation studies and has done various translation works for both government and non-governmental organisations.

Dr Eleshin is also a playwright, his latest play titled Matiiku has just been presented and staged for the public. He is a member of the Yorùbá Studies Association of Nigeria, Linguistics Association of Nigeria as well as the Linguistics Association of Ghana. He has presented research reports on the development of African languages and worldview in general and Yoruba in particular, at local and international conferences, seminars and workshops. He was a visiting scholar at the University of Missouri, Columbia MO, USA. He has scholarly publications on various aspects of Yorùbá Studies.