Sponsored by the German Research Foundation, and through its collaboration with the University of Bayreuth and three other African partners in the African Multiple Cluster system, the University of Lagos African Cluster Centre (LACC) seeks to advance the study of Africa and the African diaspora by means of original cutting-edge researches that have practical relevance for social life while also contributing to theory building.

For the year 2021, as part of our commitment to supporting postgraduate studies in the relevant Humanities disciplines, we are encouraging doctoral students to apply for a scholarship being funded by the LACC. Qualified candidates must already be working closely with their supervisors on studies that will bring new insights to our cross-cutting themes, viz: (1) Moralities; (2) Knowledges; (3) Arts and Aesthetics; (4) Mobilities; (5) Affiliations; and (6) Learning. We are particularly interested in PhD students who are working within the following areas: African History and Politics; African Traditional Religion; African Herbal Medicine; African Philosophy; African Languages and Literature, including English and Francophone literature (with special reference to multilingualism, African and African diaspora literature, translation and early African literary works); African Culture and Gender Studies; African Musicology; Arts and Aesthetics; as well as Water, Environment and Climatic Change in Africa.

Candidates working on research projects that explore related themes, especially those whose supervisors are within the  Cluster system, are invited to apply for the scholarship, which is valued at ₦1,000,000.00 and will subsist for One (1) year. Awardees will be expected to assist the supervisor with some of their research work and to undertake some limited teaching duties where necessary.


Applicants must be enrolled on a doctoral programme at the University of Lagos. Preference will be given to those candidates whose work has scaled the pre-APC stage, having reached an advanced stage in their fieldwork, and who are about to write up their thesis.

Applicants should visit https://iads.unilag.edu.ng  or https://unilag.edu.ng/lacc to apply.

The application package must include:

 1) a brief research proposal (not more than 1,000 words)

 2) CV showing academic record; and

3) a recent sample of academic writing.

Application documents should be sent as attachments to iads@unilag.edu.ng

Closing date for applications is December 31, 2020. 

Where necessary, candidates may be shortlisted for a brief interview. The scholarship covers the academic period from January to December 2021.

Programme Co-Ordinator:

 Dr. Feyi Ademola-Adeoye (Deputy Director, IADS, and Principal Investigator, University of Lagos ACC)

 Institute of African and Diaspora Studies, University of Lagos.

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