The Research Section, Knowledges will investigate knowledges and their global and local impacts. It will study the trajectories and politics of processes of knowledge, with respect to:

a) the un/doing of knowledges.

b) the scopes and scales of knowledges.

c) the politics of knowledges.

By contributing to the methodological framing and theoretical sharpening of the concepts of reflexivity and relationality, this RS challenges us to reflect on the situatedness of our own knowledge production in the cluster.

The main objective in this RS is to study the production, enactment, dissemination, and effects of knowledges. We draw attention to the relational ways in which knowledges are constantly formed and transformed, shape-shifting social and political configurations.


  • Dr. ‘Kayode EESUOLA



  • Prof. Dr. Olumuyiwa FALAIYE
  • Prof. Dr. Olufunke ADEBOYE
  • Dr. Feyisayo ADEMOLA-ADEOYE
  • Dr. Abisoye ELESHIN

Ongoing Research Project

  • Women as Sages: Exploring the nature and value of Feminine Wisdom.

Project Leaders:

Prof. Dr. Olumuyiwa Falaiye.

Dr. Tony Okeregbe.

Team Members:

Prof. Dr. Olufunke Adeboye.

Dr. ‘Kayode Eesuola.

Dr. Moses Yakubu.

Dr. Ademola Fayemi.

Mrs. Ibukun Komolafe.

Summary of the Approved Project:

This research project titled “Women as Sages: Exploring the nature and value of Feminine Wisdom” is an agenda-setting work that seeks to investigate the epistemic agency of woman sages, the nature and content of the form of knowledge they produce, and the value of such knowledges to the contemporary African and others. The aim of this research project is to establish that there exists in Africa female sages, who have attained, as Oruka prescribed, a particularly high level of knowledge and understanding of their cultures’ world-view, and go beyond mere popular beliefs to reflection and questioning, and thus become subjects for Philosophic Sagacity.

Links with RS: Knowledges, Learning.

Contact:                     Institute of African and Diaspora Studies, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria,

  • Rethinking the Artistic Trajectory of African Women Artists.

Project Leader:

Prof. Dr. Adepeju Layiwola.

Team Members:

Dr. Olalekan Balogun.

Gladys Kalichini (Rhodes University, SA).

Tobenna Okwuosa.

Dr. Jimoh Ganiyu.

Dr. Akande Abiodun.

Hope Afoke Orivri.

Odun Orimolade.

Summary of the Approved Project:

This research identifies select women artist’s work that will be studied and documented, which will, in turn, create an alternative archive of women artists in Africa. Artists like Dorothy Amenuke, Fatric Bewong, Tracy Thompson, and Adjo Kisser (Ghana), Victoria Ekpei, Chris Funke Ifeta, Kaltume Bulama Gana (Nigeria) and Agness Buya Yombwe (Zambia) have been identified.  However, in this phase of research, we identify three African women artists; Agness Buya Yombwe (Zambia), Kaltume Bulama  Gana (Nigeria) and  Elizabeth Olowu (Nigeria).

The research promises to provide extensive scholarly engagement with these artists. It is essential to document not only contemporary women artists but those of the earlier modernist period. To write a truly global history of art, the work of women must be an integral part of this discourse.  This proposal is structured to add to the growing body of knowledge about African-based women artists. The research is structured through workshops and extensive fieldwork in the west and southern Africa regions. 

Links with RS: Knowledges, Arts & Aesthetics.

Contact:                     Art History, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria,


Short Term Project

  • Interrogating African Contexts and Conceptualizations of Development.

Team Members:

Prof. Dr. Taibat Lawanson.

Dr. Abisoye Eleshin.


Links with RS: Knowledges.

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