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The acronym Covid-19 represents Corona virus. This disease came into existence in December, 2019 in China, Wuhan to be precise. It was initially recognized as ‘Spanish flu’ virus which was brought to the world in the 18th century. Corona virus is from a family called ‘coronaviridae’. Corona virus can therefore be defined as a group of RNA related virus which causes harm to both mammals and birds. Corona virus has led to a number of deaths all around the world.

The same year the black family suffered segregation, racial discrimination, was also the same year a common ‘Spanish flu’ became a global threat to the wellbeing, health and economy of the whole world. The black family has suffered a lot because of this pandemic. Research has shown that the black family was disproportionately affected by the Covid-19. This then brings up a question; ‘Is Covid-19 made for the black family? Well, No! This was caused by the protests, social gatherings and so on, which are means used to sub-due or eliminate social discrimination. We are often regarded as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS; therefore we are low income earners. The black family is also affected by some health related issues, such as, diabetes, asthma and so on, which are underlying illnesses or diseases that worsen the effect of Corona virus.

Furthermore, the outbreak caused a restriction on the movement of people and also caused an embargo to be placed on goods and services. This therefore stopped a means of sub-duing racism; PROTEST. Protest is more or less public opinion, but this did not stop us. The black family took the news to social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter etc. This then led to a trend.

The pandemic caused an embargo to be placed on goods and services as I said earlier. Embargo is the restriction on the movement of goods and services. Many business personnel, entrepreneurs, traders and so on, look forward to trading as a source of revenue especially in Africa. The embargo therefore resulted in low income rate and an increase in the level of poverty, not only in Africa but around the world.

In Africa, we still believe in the saying that ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘education is the best legacy’. The pandemic caused a pause in that department. This led to the adoption of electronic learning, also known as ‘E-learning’. It was easily adapted to by the students in the urban areas, but a minus for those in rural areas, such as villages. This will lead to a high rate of illiteracy for the country and the continent at large.

Despite all this, there were still some advantages. It created an insight which many people were not investing in – Digital trade. It is the buying and selling of commodities online. This insight created or served as a source of revenue. It also saved economies. For example, Nigeria was one of the first countries to show economic instability, due to the fact that there was low sale of crude oil our main source of revenue as a country. The Nigerian government then utilized this opportunity by selling goods and services online. It also made Nigerians (those working and those who are not) become less dependent on the government.

Moreover, the restriction of movement of people from one country to another reduced global experience. Global experience is the knowledge of perspectives, culture, and beliefs etc. of a country which is not related to one’s field of study. It then occurred to us, we can get all this through electronic media, such as, phones, laptops etc. This process is regarded to as E-learning. It makes citizens relevant in their countries.

In addition, the disease is already ubiquitous, which is to say it is around the globe. This virus cannot withstand or survive some conditions, one of which is, HEAT. Luckily for Africa our weather condition is favorable to us. It therefore reduces the spread of this virus throughout the black family.

In conclusion, this global threat was used as a public symposia or public enlightment. It enlightened us as members of the black family about what is happening to our families abroad, and how to help them. For example, in the United States the black family was dealing with racism. And most people in Africa did not know about it, until there was an outbreak of a disease, CORONA VIRUS.  When people were told to stay at home, but some citizens still wandered out, including both whites and blacks, the whites were either sanctioned or quarantined while the blacks were killed; George Floyd, was one of those people. Brianna Taylor and sportsmen like Wilfred Zaher, Kante etc. were all victims of this abuse. All this and many more led to the present motive or movement “BLACK LIVES MATTER”.