Faculty of Humanities, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, SA. Doctoral Fellows collaborate with IADS on June 28, 2019.on “Revisiting ‘African Studies’ from Africa”
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The Institute of African and Diaspora Studies (IADS), University of Lagos, Nigeria, is committed to providing the right platform for scholars and researchers to discuss African and Diaspora issues. Health as a fundamental part of African and Diaspora issues, has informed the organisation of this maiden workshop on the value and role of Traditional Medicine in Nigeria. There is no better time to organise this workshop than the 2019 World Health Day, with the theme: UNIVERSAL COVERAGE, EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE. This theme is germane to the contribution of Traditional Medicine as it is the first point of call for majority of Africans (WHO, 1978). The 2019 theme clearly re-emphasizes the importance of Traditional Medicine because Western medicine cannot achieve the desired ‘Universal Coverage’ that is needed ‘everywhere’ by ‘everyone.’ This accounts for the two days of exhibition of certified traditional medicinal products and real-time encounter with practitioners. The workshop hopes to examine: (i) the vital contribution of Traditional Medicine to the realisation of ‘Universal Coverage, Everywhere, Everyone’; (ii) the need to empower Traditional Healthcare Practitioners on their role, their limits and acceptable method in the healthcare mission; (iii) need for formal interaction between Western and Traditional practitioners of healthcare; (iv) knowledge of what is already happing with Traditional Medicine through an exhibition of research-based Traditional Treatment Therapies; (v) the role of Government agencies in engaging traditional knowledge and method of healthcare in Nigeria; and (vi) possible opportunities of linking up researchers with existing licenced traditional practitioners of medicine. Since the IADS is poised to promote indigenous knowledge in every sphere of life, and traditional medicine is one of her key areas of strength and interest, it becomes vital to create an opportunity to chart the way forward for Traditional Healthcare as the World moves toward achieving WHO’s priority of ‘Health for All’. With the expertise of researchers of IADS in the area of African Traditional Medicine; collaboration with Traditional and Western healthcare providers; and her involvement with the ‘African Centre of Excellence for Drug Research, Herbal Medicine Development and Regulatory Science’ of the University of Lagos, IADS is set to foster change in the way Traditional medicine is perceived and used in Nigeria. The IADS is grateful to the keynote speaker, the different Government agencies represented, panellists and guests. We hope that the discussion will continue beyond this workshop. Dr. Akinmayowa Akin-Otiko Convener

Fela ANIKULAPO KUTI conference holds  between 5th and 7th July, 19.